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Abused & Rejected

Abused & Rejected

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Carolyn Lightsey, who lived on a little farm in Baxley Georgia ("It was not much of a farm," she says), has had a difficult life, as she has amply shown in her new book "Abused and Rejected": a gripping and heartrending account of real-life tragedy from one of its survivors and her attempt at making sense of it all. Author Carolyn Lightsey is not afraid to tell it like it is, and how it had been, growing up surrounded by death, violence, and rejection—intertwined with more lighthearted moments that seem to visit just as randomly, as is evident from the very first paragraph of her memoir: "When I was a little girl, we did not have much to eat. We were poor. Daddy had eleven kids. My twin and I were the oldest. I was about five years old when I took care of my brother. I would rock him in an old chair without rockers…When I rocked him, his head would hit my chest over and over. His head hit me so much it made all of my skin come off. I couldn't even wear a dress. Grandma used to say it was going to kill me, taking care of him all the time…One time my grandma was coming to visit us on a Sunday, I must have been about three. I was so excited about her coming." Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Carolyn Lightsey's tale of the often-senseless cruelty of life cannot fail to reflect the turmoil of many readers' own lives, while perhaps serving to offer a sense of commiseration and healing at the end of the road.

Format: 52 Page Paperback Book

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